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split pressurized solar water heater

split pressurized solar water heater
Product Detailed

split pressurized solar water heater:
1.efficient absorbtion
3.Environment protecting

split pressurized solar water heater: 


Solar water heater separated from water tank appearance is exquisite. Because heat collector and water tank are separated, it exchange the phenomenon of big and ponderous of solar water heater. Its volume is smaller and its appearance is more beautiful. Moreover the heat collector can be adhered to roof and also handled on balcony and stuck on wall. The water storage tank can be hidden to toilet. It can realize perfect combination with architecture and eliminate sight pollution of solar water heater. Its performance is better. Heat collector and water storage tank of the product are separated. Being adapted analogy heating technology and computer automatic control, its structure is simple and its operation is convenient and it is durable. It promote that solar water heater goes forward to intellectualized science and technology.

Effective and applicable:
It adopts the efficient al-n/al heat absorption coating vacuum pipe heat collector. It has high absorption, low emission rate.

Scientific and reasonable
Water inlet and outlet are located in the lower parts of the water tank with easy installation. It reduces the calorific loss. There is no dead angle area inside the water tank.

Superior material
the vacuum tube features:

1. metal reflecting layer(copper)

2.absorbance layer(ss aluminumnitride metal ceramic)

3.remittance reducer layer(aluminumnitride)

4.Coating Ss-C/Cu selective compound absorb coating

5.Absorbance ≥0.92

6.Vacuum degree ≤5×10-3   

7.advanced technology:Our company use 3 target magnetron sputtering plating technology,which introduce from Germany and also called interferometer coating technology.

Non-pollution, effectively protect the environment, energy saving, extremely low use cost at ordinary times. Once invested, you will benefit from it forever. You may withdraw the cost within 2 or 3 years.



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